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Khanom Chan (ขนมชั้น) Thai Sweetmeat : Thai Food Culture.

Khanom Chan (ขนมชั้น) Thai Sweetmeat : Thai Food Culture.
Roytavan : Writer
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Khanom Chan or Layer Cake, Thai desserts have given rise to multifarious possibility of creativity with the usage of three main ingredients like rice, coconut and sugar.

Khanom Chun, which basically means the layered dessert. The basic ingredients are topioca flour, grated fresh coconut meat and castor sugar. The colouring comes from a variety of sources: green is from pandanus leaves. Pink from rose petals. Violet from Anchan flower. Brown from Coco.

The desserts in Thailand are theme-based all directed in giving success and prosperity. I am sharing about Khanom Chan, which is a three-layered dessert, depicting the many layers of happiness. This green-colored dessert has a unique recipe :

- 5 Cups Jasmine Essence Water
- 2 Cups Plain flour
- 2 Cups Rice flour
- 2 Cups Tapioca flour
- 6 Cups Coconut Milk
- 15 Pandan leaves

Method :
1. Soak jasmines in a bowl of water overnight to make jasmine water.
2. Pound Pandan leaves to extract green coloring
3. Blend together coconut milk and Pandan water and heat them well.
4. After they get warm add all the flour and knead them well.
5. Make syrup by blending in the remaining jasmine water and sugar.
6. Divide the flour into two separate bowls.
7. Steam the white and green flour alternately, taking care that the top layer should be green.
8. Cut the desserts into pieces and serve it chilled.
9. Pour the syrup, while serving.

The three flours stand to give different levels of happiness. This dessert is a combo of bold floral and fibrous flavors and it is a dessert which needs careful preparation and patience to allow every single layer to set.