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[Article] The Legend of "Wang Bua Ban Wallterfalls" a sad love story of Northern Thailand.

[Article] The Legend of "Wang Bua Ban Wallterfalls" a sad love story of Northern Thailand.

The Legend of "Wang Bua Ban Waterfalls".

There is the sad love story of "Wang Bua Ban Waterfalls", a lady who was spurned by her lover and thus committed suicide at these falls.

Right at the foot of Suthep Mountain are the famous and much-visited Huay Kaew Waterfalls. In days of yore it was a romantic place where young boys and girls sat gazing at the stars and sweet talking one another.

Sadly for a certain woman called Bua Ban, her romance turned tragic and her fall has become legend.

One day during the WWII, so the story goes, Bua Ban, the most beautiful girl in her village, met a charming young soldier from Bangkok. Urban legend has it that the young woman fell deeply in love and that their bond grew so strong and sweet that they seemed to born for one another.

Then one day the young soldier received the order to return to Bangkok. He left his then pregnant lady with the promise to return to marry her and be a real father to the unborn child. Months passed and the man never fulfilled his promise. Bua Ban then found out that her beloved already had a wife in Bangkok and the idea of marrying her had never entered his mind. Broken-hearted and ashamed to be carrying a fatherless child, Bua Ban went up the rocky cascades of the Huay Kaew Waterfalls and watched her last sunrise through tears.

Days later her body was found on the rocks. The very place where she took the fatal leap is now locally recognized as Wang Bua Ban. It’s said that her spirit still lingers there, and hopeful lovers go to the falls to ask for her blessing.

So, in this season of love, we ourselves wish - and hope for you too - to have a happy love life. Be faithful to the one you love, and hold him/her dear.